Poems and Verses

Feel inspired by creative writings in the form of poetry and other verses.

This poem is a wonderful one to act out with your whole body, but is also a way to explore the idea of a metaphor.

When it’s time to go to bed, this is a lovely little poem to recite at the end of your day.

A traditional old rhyme prepare us for listening well.

A poem of gratitude for all of nature’s bounty. It’s perfect to say before a meal or snack.

A poem to recite before starting any writing activity or project, so that you can always do your best.

This little apple-themed poem is so much fun to act out!

Prepare yourself for school work or any task with this short poem.

A traditional Irish blessing that is perfect to share at birthdays and celebrations.

A poem for Fall of gratitude for a meal or snack, which also can be sung as a round.

A poem of gratitude for a meal or snack. What goes into our bread?

A tongue-twister to celebrate our resilience… no matter the weather!

Welcome the change of season, from Summer to Fall, with this poem or song.

This verse is used to conclude the end of a task, study session, day of school, or other accomplishments.