Time It - Spelling Game

Grade Levels: Pre-K - 4

Posted: August 15, 2020 | Updated: August 15, 2020
Created by: Schoolhouse by the Sea


  • Spelling list
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Timer


This activity builds fluency and accuracy in writing your spelling words, and is also a way to integrate math with your spelling work!

  1. Set a timer for 1 minute.
  2. Write a word from your spelling list as many times as you can in one minute.
  3. Check for accuracy! Circle any times you didn’t spell the word correctly! If you misspelled it more than once put a star next to it on your list and complete another minute of writing the word AFTER you’ve practiced the rest of your spelling words.
  4. Count how many times you wrote the word.
  5. Repeat with your next spelling words.
  6. Compare the words. Which words were you most accurate with? For which words did you use your best handwriting? Which word did you write more of? By how much?

Click below to view our video instructions!

Time It Video Instructions