Decorate It - Spelling Game

Grade Levels: Pre-K - 4

Posted: August 15, 2020 | Updated: August 15, 2020
Created by: Schoolhouse by the Sea


  • Spelling list
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Decorative materials of your choice (I recommend dried flowers, colorful spices, sand, crushed dried leaves from outside, leaves of grass, and other natural materials.)


  1. Write your spelling word in glue.
  2. Tracing the shape of each letter, sprinkle the decorations of your choice on top of the glue.
  3. When all your letters are written and decorated, press another blank piece of paper on top of the decorated page. This will help the decorations stick to the glue.
  4. Use the pressing page to catch the extra materials as you tap off the decorated page.
  5. Place your decorated words in place you can see and enjoy them throughout the day as you continue to practice these spelling words. I like to hang them at eye-level on the refrigerator.

Click below to view our video instructions!

Decorate It Video Instructions