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Welcome to Schoolhouse by the Sea

Welcome to the launch of "Schoolhouse by the Sea" and the start of the '20-’21 school year! Despite the uncertainty in these times, we are excited to support this phase of your learning and educational journey.

Every challenge brings opportunities. We know that the start of this particular school year is full of challenges, but we hope to help you find wonderful opportunities for meaningful, joyful education. Schoolhouse by the Sea is here to assist those new to distance learning, home-schooling, or other home-based education initiatives. We also aim to provide new inspirations and resources for even the most experienced educators and homeschooling families.

Over the course of the year, be on the lookout for our supplementary resources and materials that will be published on a daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis. We hope to use this digital platform to inspire hands-on, experiential learning, holistic education, and daily academic adventures.

Though our offerings are not, of themselves, a grade level-specific curriculum, they are highly adaptable to engage learners from a variety of age groups, backgrounds, and needs. Our activities and recommendations have been vetted by experienced, passionate, and highly-qualified educators, who strive to support families as well as their young learners. To that end, the curation of student curriculum and educator materials is done concurrently to ensure that the reasons behind each activity are clear and to ensure cohesion between the students’ and educators’ materials. When you are confident about the goals and effectiveness of an activity, you can adapt it to meet your learner’s needs. We hope to empower each adult to provide the educational experience their students need.

What to Expect

Schoolhouse by the Sea provides seasonal resources to support and supplement at-home learning. We publish seasonal, monthly, weekly, and daily resources for holistic learning. For more details, see below.


Seasonal tasks help bring rhythmic, reassuring relevance to your home learning environment or classroom, so our monthly, weekly, and daily resources will include references to the season, through seasonal themed crafts, recipes, explorations, and holidays.


Monthly Calendar, Activity Guides (Reading, Spelling/Vocabulary, Math, Science), Planning Resources


Initially, we'll be releasing new content three times a week: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday. Our intention is to help you prepare for the week on Sunday, to reinvigorate your week on Wednesdays, and to help you reflect on the week and prepare a stimulating, restful weekend.

  • Sunday: Weekly calendar, verse, song, activity, recipe
  • Wednesday: Song, verse, activity
  • Friday: Recommendations lists, resources to reflect on the week


Each day, follow our social media accounts for more details about the holiday of the day (#today_is_a_holiday), including a writing prompt. We’ll also offer a chalk drawing of the day to inspire your art at home.

In these releases we'll include videos for students and educators, as well as worksheets, a calendar for the week, suggested activities, blog posts, recommendations for external resources, and more.

Goals for the School Year

We hope that, in integrating our resources with your own home learning plans, you are able to unlock new curiosity, excitement, and joy in your educational environment. Our offerings are not sequential; feel free to adapt any activity to your current needs and comb through our previously published resources for activities that would be most meaningful to you. We wish you the best possible school year; here’s to new adventures! We look forward to partnering with you to maximize your learning, creativity, health, and joy.

We are very open to your feedback. As the school year develops, we look forward to adding additional resource types and developing more series-based content. Please let us know what you need. If we can create it in a meaningful way, we will!